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Hong Kong Air-conditioning (Holdings) Company Limited established in Hong Kong to invest in research and development in refrigeration and air conditioning industries for our market in Greater China. Throughout our intensive research and vast experiences in recently years, we have successfully made several advancements especially in cold storage and warehousing and industrial air conditioning system. We employed standardised manufacturing process to ensure quality and modular package typed installation. 

Through research at Shenzhen facility, we have solved many challenges in HK air-conditioning market with the following; 

a)[HKA] digital capacity controlled chiller packaged with redundant compressors to ensure step-less load demand, space and energy saving

b)[HKA] unique vacuum chiller package with quick chilling in 15 minutes interval. The system with enhanced energy saving by employing computerised smart controller.

c)Patented!¡LHKA!¡L web based smart controlled employed digital refrigeration, smart remote control, data storage and tracking, system diagnosis and fault reporting and many more capabilities. The system fulfilled the requirement of many demanding customers in Greater China. 

We also built a fully automated manufacturing facility in Guangming, China to manufacture cold storage panels of various dimensions and modular basis. Our monthly capacity at present is 15000 sq meter. The factory also manufactures refrigeration equipment and control system which complete our upstream and downstream manufacturing process. Since our inception, we have many cold storage facilities and air-conditioning projects all over HK and Mainland China to add to our client base. We will continue to make a better Hong Kong and China as a whole. 

Overall, since our inceptions in 2000, we also have a cold storage and logistics business in HK which contribute much experiences needed to enhance our continuous development in this industry. 

With modular based manufacturing processes, installation and our cloud based data exchanges, [HKA] will definitely !¡±your trusted partner!¡L. 

Hong Kong Air-conditioning (Holdings) Company Limited

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