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Intelligent Refrigeration System

Intelligent Refrigeration System

HKR always aims at solving natural defects of Hong Kong and clients' problems.  The Intelligent Refrigeration System is a refrigerating / air-conditioning system with unprecedented concepts and the most innovative technologies, which is a perfect solution to clients' problems.

Intelligent Refrigeration System - A System that Connects Everyone



      Digital Refrigeration Technology

               Digital Modulation with 10-100% Capacity Control:

                - To acheive precise temperature and relative humidity control.

                - To enhance durability by lessning abrasion of compressor with reduced starts/stops.








Independent Condenser

Indenpent condenser with lightweight can be hanged on the external wall legitimately, to increase flexibility in installing location.







      WIFI Remote Control

               Users can operate their cell as a remote to control the indoor units including power on/off, temperature, swing, mode, function and timer setting anytime and anywhere.








Energy Saving













Excellent Operation Performance




Reaching ideal temperature up to 25 percent faster than other air-conditioning systems.












Stable refrigeration, sufficient cooling capacity and a perfect environment are provided.












Designed perfectly for the humid and sultry weather of Hong Kong.