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sterilization operation

The company has a professional team to provide air-conditioning cleaning services by using multi-function cleaning machine

Three steps of sterilization

Step 1: 65 degree high pressure hot water cleaning


Step 2: 100 degree steaming


Step 3: Spread electrostatic filters after cleaning the air conditioner (the material as same as N95)


Final step: Disinfect the whole body with steam in order to prevent secondary infections


Full cleaning action process:

Step 1 'Check': check if the equipment works normally
Step 2 'Descaling': Coil water for air conditioning, dissolves dirt, makes Coil well ventilated and cleaner
Step 3 'Preliminary sterilization': 65 degree high pressure hot water washing can effectively make bacteria and viruses inactive and even kill
Step 4 'Disinfection': 100 degree steam sterilization, which can effectively kill bacteria and disease.
Step 5 'Protection': Install an electrostatic filter after cleaning the air conditioner, which can effectively filter dust, cigarette smoke, dust, cotton, fluff, animal hair debris, dust mites, pollen, mold spores, and carrier particles
Step 6 'Prevention': Drain water